My artistic style could be described as abstract, but also seen as depiction of mental landscapes. While it's not an attempt to draw a landscape from real life visual memories, it opens up the view that represents the culmination of memories scattered from different times and different locations.

My works range from printmaking, photography, collage, to simple pen and ink drawing. There is a certain level of consistency within all the works in its visual aspect. It is because all of my works illustrate the passing of time. Every photograph is a preservation of light (over time). Every mark, line, and gestures illustrate a movement. These movements will have directions and flows throughout the canvas. Movements will illustrate the passing of time, and your eyes to follow from one point to another means you are walking through the trail of time I spent drawing. I am able to call my mark makings “memories” because humans associate all segments of time passing in life with what you remember from it. You cannot recall a specific time in life without resorting to that specific memory. Time is never independent from the memories for human beings. Even if my memory might disappear over time, the visual representation to a certain thought could be preserved as a drawing. It is a proof of thought and consciousness that existed in my mind.

You can observe the detailed flow of particles like the river. Sometimes break off, sometimes branch out. It often come together to create a larger stream and flood into a huge pool of particles. Because memories can translate differently over time, and merge with other memories and eventually be lost, the complex flow of gestures visualize how we can never preserve or memories without our brain alternating it over time. They could duplicate, subtract, transform and disappear. Just like the process of cutting, pasting, editing and writing over. No one translates their past memories perfectly to the present moment, like how my works illustrates it in its movements and shapes.

My understanding of memory is similar to that of the structure of the natural world: A world driven by the everlasting circulation of spirits. Living organisms eventually die, which generates the energy for others to give birth or to survive, creating an infinite cycle of life for all. My mark makings represent these movements. The process is a constant, repetitive act that requires intense level of concentration and patience. Departing from one location, gestures grow throughout the canvas in an intuitive manner, maintaining a natural flow.